Warehousing Services

While we do not yet own ware houses, in consultation with our clients, we take it upon ourselves to arrange warehousing services for goods. We arrange either for local warehousing in free or bonded warehouses or Yard storage for bulky cargo that requires customs inspection. We also handle the re-packaging of goods after the inspection, prepare and handle relevant customs documentation to facilitate release from the warehouse.

Our commitment is to be the preferred business partner for all the clients we serve.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee to our clients that they cannot get a better quality of service elsewhere like we deliver and that they will always return to us. We encourage our clients never to settle for less in a partner and we guarantee to them that we shall never give them a less deserving service. We commit to:

  • Reliability and Professionalism
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Competence, Dedication and Efficiency
  • Individuality and Partnership

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