Clearing Services

With a mandate to handle all the clearing and forwarding services in and outside Uganda, the bulk of work we do includes but is not limited to: preparation of all customs documents required for payment of taxes (where applicable), and the release of goods and consignments for final delivery from the terminal to the importers/exporters.

At Mombasa port

Our agents handle all necessary documents for shipments arriving by sea at the Mombasa port. Alaca declares and clears in Mombasa but through our third party declarants Bayland Freight Agencies (BFA), and Absolute Freight and Logistics Services.

At Various Border Posts

Alaca C & F has offices at Busia, Malaba, Mutukula and Entebbe. At these main entry and exit points of Uganda, our agents handle relevant inward or outward documentation and on-forwarding to the designated place. In addition, the agents inspect all consignments to verify if they conform to the prepared documents.

Our staff are either trained professionally and/or in-house. What is common about our agents is that they are always eager and prepared to go an extra mile for our esteemed clients be they a private individual, government entity, small enterprise or a large client.

Why Choose Us?

Our staff and third party declarants undertake preparation of documents, calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excises on behalf of clients as well as facilitating communication between importers/exporters and government authorities. As such our agents are knowledgeable about respective tariff schedules, listings of duty rates for imported items, and regulations governing importing of goods. This knowledge contributes to the elimination of costly delays and/or seizure of goods. Additionaly, we do our work with utmost:-

  • Reliability and Professionalism
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Competence, Dedication and Efficiency
  • Individuality and Partnership

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